Packaging Fulfillment Services

CPM Packaging Fulfillment Services

Packaging fulfillment ensures the safe handling and distribution of products.

3 PL services supplement operations to manage time, labor, and space for our clients.  Manufacturing and service-based businesses look to CPM’s people, equipment, and packaging expertise to see that deadlines and quality standards are met.  Completing all these operations with one partner saves costs and headaches for our clients.

What is fulfillment?

Fulfillment is how we complement our packaging and assembly services. Our distribution team supports all aspects of coordinating product flow to ensure handling and distribution to our client’s customers is complete without hassle.  From freight unloading to warehousing to order picking and distribution, we have full control of client products throughout the process.

  • Freight unloading
  • Mixed pallet loading
  • Warehousing & order fulfillment
  • Product pick & pack
  • International & domestic shipping
  • Distribution to distribution centers, retailers & residential
CPM Fulfilment Secure Shipping
CPM package delivery truck
CPM Order fulfilment service
CPM warehousing and Fulfillment service