It’s how you get things done.

CPM Solutions offers Source to Finish for your growing business. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff with decades of experience we can be your single source partner for all your packaging projects and beyond.

What is Source to Finish?                                                                                

Source to Finish is partnering with a team of professionals capable of steering you to full packaging solutions that take into consideration the materials you need to pack your product through the supply chain of getting your products to its intended destinations.  Source to Finish is managed inventory levels delivered when you need them. It’s kitting and assembly of your products, promotions or displays.  It’s knowing how to get your products picked and shipped.

Does my company need Source to Finish?                                                   

Many growing companies can benefit from a source to finish packaging approach.  Tailored to each company’s particular packaging needs and challenges.  We help take the pains out of packaging your products and services.  Often you need room to grow, yet floor space is becoming a hot commodity.  Space limitation is one of the largest reasons companies cannot keep up with increasing demand, why settle with what you have when Source to Finish can provide the space you need to grow.  The second deterrent to growth is the lack of help, especially since, as your business grows, it is not a steady climb. Some weeks you need added staff and some weeks you don’t, managing these fluctuations can be daunting. Source to Finish helps there too.  Our trained staff can assist in the peaks and valleys created by increased orders with assembly or packaging your products to hands on marketing projects? 

  • Could you benefit from more space?
  • Do some of your materials have long lead times, causing delays?
  • Do you have trouble finding the materials you need.
  • Does sourcing hard to find items take up too much of your time
  • Are you ever surprised by hidden fees or surcharges
  • Are your items getting damaged
  • Are you aware of all the new sustainable options available

If you answered yes to any of these questions you can benefit from Source to Finish.

How will Source to Finish benefit me and my company?

You can focus on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best. Source to Finish maintains inventory to meet your specific requirements. It reduces your lead times from weeks or months to days. Our team will work with you to determine the optimal inventory levels to meet your demanding production schedule. Source to Finish frees up your valuable floor space for expansion. Source to Finish relieves the financial burden of inventory sitting on your floor, we invoice on delivery to your facility not ours. Source to Finish supports your vision by assisting in design and making your dream a reality. 

Contact us today and experience firsthand all the benefits Source to Finish has to offer. 

Source to Finish – It’s how you get things done.