What is Kitting Assembly?

CPM kitting assembly services get products ready to ship.

Product assembly, inspection, inventory reporting, and lot tracking.

Assembling product kit

What is Kitting Assembly?

Our product assembly service capabilities support manual assembly for product displays and light manufacturing.  Our kitting operations support all types of packaging materials as well shelf stable products.  Our warehouse footprint allows us to manage large scale projects with tight turnarounds.  We incorporate product inspection, with inventory reporting, lot tracking, documentation, and a variety of services to deliver the highest quality experience for clients.  Our clients approach us with a wide variety of operational challenges and will always work with them to optimize their productivity and bring convenience to their operations.  We say, “Yes we can!”

  • Promotional sample kitting
  • POP display & assembly
  • Product inspection
  • White glove operations
  • Light manufacturing
  • Inventory reporting & documentation
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