How Can Chamber Testing Help With Cold Chain?

CPM can help take the worry out of cold chain shipping: 

Shipping perishable products can be stressful!  You need assurance that whatever solution you use will make it to your most critical customers as intended.  We live in a world of instant feedback and we all want to make sure it is positive!  CPM can help, we can design and test your product with our solutions before it ever leaves your building. We are here to help take the worry out of cold chain shipping in addition to our eco-friendly packaging!

How do we know our cold chain solutions will work?

We test every one of our pre-qualified solutions in our environmental chamber with a variety of payloads.  We can simulate what it is like to take your product from your shipping dock all the way to your customers door.  We’ll check the temperature of your product vs the outside environment to ensure it stays at the temperature you need.


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Environmental chamber testing allows CPM to observe the effects of temperature and humidity on your package and its contents. It is possible that your package could be in transit without temperature controls for an undetermined amount of time. CPM’s environmental testing works excellently to represent the real-world situation, through the distribution network.  Our testing strategy is intended to ensure that your package can endure the conditions needed to arrive as expected.

The right chamber test for the right results:

Tell us where it will go, Arizona, Florida, California, or wherever you need to deliver and we can simulate the logistics temperature patterns it will travel through.


Confidence with Cold Chain at CPM!

Remember, once the package leaves your hands it will likely be handled many times at varying conditions.  CPM can provide the testing needed to ensure your package functions as you expect from your dock to your customers door.  

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