Specialty Packaging Pallets

Specialty Packaging – Pallets and Crates

Shipping pallets and packaging Crates for high-value bulky products.

The Issue:  High-value bulky products require carefully engineered packaging to ensure product integrity throughout transit to the customer. In addition, the bulky nature of these packages can take up valuable floor space.

The Key:  Finding the right partner to design and build your solution, while having it available when you need it is difficult to manage.

Solution: Our team leverages decades of experience working with:

  • Lumber
  • Foams
  • Honeycomb
  • Metal fixtures

That expertise assures the proper design and right application for your product.  More importantly, whether a one-time project or a recurring product, we ensure that this is a simplified process for our clients that provides a single point of contact and just-in-time delivery.

CPM custom crating
Polyethylene (PE) Packaging

Polyethylene (PE) Packaging

Custom packaging

Custom Packaging

Protective foam packaging

Foam Packaging

Pressed pallet

Pressed Pallet

Honeycomb protective packaging

Honeycomb Packaging