Packaging Design & Sourcing

Product Packaging Design and Packaging Materials Sourcing

Custom designed packaging for food, retail and industrial products

Choosing the best packing design for your product is not easy. Finding someone to complete your vision and continue to provide quality service throughout the lifecycle of your product is even harder. This is where we help.

Design & Engineering Support – We draw from our experience across a variety of projects and materials to make sure your product is designed to meet your brand requirements in a cost-effective way. This means taking the material development process into account to save on material and production costs. This also means understanding the assembly and shipping of the product itself to truly think outside the box.

Sourcing – We partner with over 75 different manufacturers from around the world to design the optimal packaging program.  We pride ourselves on not being tied to one packaging material or design.  We are here to find the most effective eco-friendly solution to provide a simplified source-to-finish product experience for our clients.

Sample and Validation Testing – We offer design mock-ups and samples for lab and field testing so we can ensure your solutions meet all your needs and expectations.

CPM Package design color matching
CPM package design die cut
CPM structural package design