3 PL Services Supplement Operations to Manage Time, Labor, and Space

Effective Packaging, Assembly, and Fulfillment Support Services

3PL services supplement operations to manage time, labor, and space for our clients.  Manufacturing and service-based businesses look to CPM’s people, equipment, and packaging expertise to see that deadlines and quality standards are met.  Completing all these operations with one partner saves costs and headaches for our clients.

What is Contract Packaging?

what is packaging?
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What is Assembly?

What is assembly?
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What is Fulfillment?

What is fulfillment?
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Got Questions?

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Our Approach – Yes, we can!

Step 1

Assess the challenge

Work with clients to understand the challenge and constraints of the project.


Step 3

Deliver above expectations

Project turnaround and quality are our highest priority.

step 2

Strategize our solution

Leverage experience and equipment to find the most cost-effective way to support the project while collaborating with our client.

step 4

Repeat & Scale

Ongoing operational support allows us to provide consistent services and be an extension of their organization. Help clients grow while reducing costs, and sharing the benefits.