Molded Fiber Packaging

Molded fiber packaging, an environmentally responsible solution.

Cost-effective molded fiber packaging.

The Issue:  Companies looking for an environmentally responsible solution to protective packaging that ensures the product is safely transported.

The Key:  Finding a cost-effective solution that is also environmentally responsible requires an extensive design and sourcing network to minimize the cost of tooling and material sourcing.

The Solution: We work with several different pulp source materials to provide the most effective solution.  Whether it is developing a custom fiber mold for our client’s product or combining existing molded fiber products with other environmentally friendly materials, we help simplify the process.  This allows our clients to have a single point of contact to ensure their materials are available when they need them without the extra headache.

Molded fiber bottle protection tray
CPM Molded fiber tray types
molded fiber food tray
molded fiber tray