How to build a protective packaging solution.

It goes beyond package design alone.

You’ve invested a great deal in your product and now it’s going to be presented to potential customers. At this point the most critical factor is delivering the product safely as intended.   That is what Protective Packaging is all about. At CPM this is one of our most committed goals. There are at least three primary things your packaging design must achieve:

  • Protect the product it carries
  • Assure viability in shipping and handling
  • Support your brand image by the quality of the packaging

Decisions on protective packaging can be endless.

CPM provides assurance that whatever form your protective packaging takes, our solutions will deliver you product in the safest and most cost effective method possible. Things we consider when building a protective packaging solution: 

  • What concerns do we need to consider including vibration, static, moisture, drop, temperature, etc.? 
  • What balance of cost vs protection is needed given the value of the payload?
  • How should it be engineered?  
  • What are the logistics of the packaging material before puckout?
  • What are the logistics of the payload?  How long will it be in transit?
  • How can it both look great and hold up?  Are certifications required?

The questions can be daunting. 

This is why CPM works alongside our customers to provide expertise that culls down what could otherwise be overwhelming and time consuming. Our team can cut through the myriad of details for you. We simplify protective packaging and related package design projects, materials, sourcing, warehousing and distribution.  This allows you to focus on your product.

Sourcing the network.

The solution to protect your product goes beyond packaging design itself. CPM has established reliable sources for materials and capabilities to meet strenuous demands. What’s more, CPM handles all the details that can often be overlooked. In most cases our customers do not have the capabilities or time to manage this process all themselves. You can also take advantage of our assembly and fulfillment services to streamline results, saving time, effort and cost of your protective packaging project.

Vendor Managed Inventory, your space solution.

Another consideration is storage and ongoing supply of your protective packaging solution.  These solutions often have multiple components with varying lead times and take up valuable floor space in your facility.  CPM can help with that as well, managing your inventory in our central facility. We can support all your VMI needs and deliver only what you need.  CPM simplifies the entire process for you. Warehouse management results in savings of time, money, and labor. 

We have it down to four words: From Source to Finish (trademark pending). There’s no obligation to discuss your packaging design project so follow up with us today. We’re ready before you need us.  Contact us!