PackExpo Visit

We know that our customers look to us to be experts on market trends, new products, and new materials. This is why CPM went to PackExpo 2021 in Las Vegas. We met with our existing partners to introduce them to the newest members of the CPM team and spread the word on our plans for building upon our 45-year legacy. We also met with new material providers and new equipment providers to see where there is an opportunity to bring more value to our customers. Every customer requires unique solutions and we want to ensure that we have access to all the tools we need.

One of the major themes of this year’s show was sustainability. This comes as no surprise to us. Whether it is looking at existing material applications or new materials, we saw an array of recyclable, bio-degradable, and compostable alternatives. While everyone wants to feel good about being environmentally responsible, the truth is that these innovations still require infrastructure to be successful and are still being developed for large-scale applications. As these materials are tested, we are also actively looking at where to apply the solutions in the most responsible way. That is where we help our customers navigate the options to make sure they are not wasting resources or putting their brand at risk. Ask us about how we can help your business be more responsible when it comes to packaging!