Sometimes you have to be rigid and sometimes you have to be flexible.

Because there are so many ways to package an item, CPM Solutions continues to offer a broad family of products and materials.

When you need to be rigid.

Rigid packaging holds its shape while protecting the product during transportation and storage. Customers benefit when we navigate the creative packaging process while meeting distribution needs and environmental priorities.

  • Corrugated boxes and die cuts
  • Paperboard packaging
  • Glass, plastic & aluminum containers

When you need to be Semi-Rigid.

Designing the right solution requires assessing numerous factors. CPM can help navigate the options best suited to your need.

  • Clamshells
  • Foams
  • ThermosĀ 
  • Blown Plastics

When you need to be flexible

Flexible packaging is used for primary applications with material coming in direct contact with a product and is visible to the end consumer. We support films, pouches, envelopes, and polyurethane bags with a variety of protective and environmentally responsible substrates.

  • Films
  • Pouches/envelopes
  • Poly bags

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