The Perks of Being a Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist has its downfalls, but in business it is vital to become a perfectionist in your field. 

It can seem impossible or out of reach to meet certain goals, but expecting perfection can help your company meet and even raise their standards. Consistently striving for this perfection can have a powerful and lasting effect on your company overall. Although perfection can seem aggressive and unattainable, you will be shocked and empowered by the results from working to be your best every day. While working towards a perfect end result, there are so many things that can improve and tilt in your company’s favor. 

Active and Consistent Productivity: If you are always looking for the best way to complete a project, you will always find new and efficient ways to complete them, which can assist in future projects and the productivity. 

Customer Retention: When something is completed to the customer’s satisfaction and goes beyond their original expectations, they will keep coming back. Customer loyalty is important to any businesses success and it is crucial to grow these client relationships and maintain them through hard work and successful project outcomes. 

Motivation: There is no better feeling at the end of a long day than a job well done. Leaving with a sense of pride and accomplishment will leave you excited and motivated for the next project, leading to even better outcomes. 

Referrals: What is the first thing you do when you really enjoy a product or service? You tell people about it! When a client is happy with the work completed for them they are inclined to spread the word, and refer you to others. Working toward perfection on every project could increase clientele and overall improve the company.

Competitive Edge: Successful production and project completion rates will give you a step up from the competition, bringing new and returning clients to your doors.  

Reputation: It is human nature to constantly improve small and large tasks and activities every day. By creating an environment where you are improving every time you start and finish a project, your reputation within your company and with your clients will be viewed at a high standard.