What’s so important about values?

Every company should function based on a set of core values. Here at CPM the
entire company functions on an interrelated series of values which carries out to
each person on our team.

Everything begins with accountability, not only to our customers, but to one
another as team members. We seek that same value from our partners. In close
relation to that we demand efficiency. To ensure that what we do is handled in the
most proper manner, keeping customers productive. In order to achieve that we
must focus on being proactive, so we anticipate any issues before they occur and
minimize any lost time. We achieve this goal by knowing our customers well.

Any relationship must be infused with responsiveness. Our customers are moving
products through their own varied pipelines and CPM assures them that those
pipelines will be properly managed and fulfilled. This of course is based on being
trustworthy. The customer must, beyond a doubt, trust that we will deliver as
promised every time. That kind of service is what, over time, builds and
strengthens relationships. To achieve this we have dedicated ourselves and our
systems to be consistent. Whatever solution we provide, we maintain over and over
again. In answer to our headline question: “Everything!”