Five things to look for when choosing a packaging and fulfillment company.

When choosing a packaging and fulfillment company to use, there are key factors that must be taken into consideration. Nothing is more important than a happy customer and a successful project, with these tips you can find the right fit for your business! 

Shipping Speeds: Delivery times are a vital component to any business transaction. While most projects and campaigns run on deadlines it is important to have trust that your products will arrive at the intended location on time and in great condition! 

Packaging Options: What is on the inside is important that is why what is on the outside matters! There are a plethora of packaging options and finding what you need is vital, some of these include: 

  • Rigid Packaging Materials
  • Semi Rigid Packaging Materials 
  • Flexible Packaging & Films 
  • Shipping & Packaging Materials 
  • Product Protection/ Cold Chain 
  • Machinery & Equipment 
  • Specialty Products 

Seamless Experience: The customer experience is a top priority. It is a necessity to have a seamless and smooth experience from the beginning to end of any project. This is accomplished by constant communication, design & engineering support, sample testing, and sourcing.  

Customer Service: When selecting a company it is important to factor in customer service and support. The company you choose should be attentive, transparent, and communicative throughout the process from start to finish. 

Warehouse/ Facility: In order for successful projects, a warehouse/ facility is a large component. Trusting the company you choose is also trusting their facility. When looking for the perfect fit for you and your business you must factor in organization, cleanliness, location, and design.